luni, 19 iulie 2010

Bitchin' time

So, a famous national singer killed herself some days ago, I think she drank something funny. It was pretty sad for her fans and it was all over the news. Like a lot. Seriously, Michael Jackson would have been very jealous.
Anyways, some schmucks on television decided to start a debate about suicide. If you're going to start a debate on that, you'd better not talk crap. But they kinda did.
First off, they mentioned how important it is for parents to talk to their kids and reassure them about life and such. It's a nice idea. Sure, a healthy childhood makes a person saner than the average Joe, but what does this have to do with suicide?
You know, guys, not all cases of suicide are a direct consequence of some parental abuse.
Actually, a lot of suicidal people have great families. Most of them have parents that treasure all their diplomas and eating contest cups.
I'll admit that there might be cases where people end their lives because their moms and dads suck big time. But most of the cases we see on TV (the shocking, juicy ones) have some pretty absurd motivations that are only logical to the person at hand.
All I'm saying is that making parents talk to their kids about how sparkly and pink life is won't necessarily prevent them from killing themselves.
And another thing that pissed me off, those guys were talking about depression and how it's such a spiral into your own personal hell.
Well, my mom looked at me with a worried face and asked me why I'm depressed.
Guys, being depressed is serious business.
If you're sad that it's summer and you have nothing to do, that's just being a lazy ass.
If you're sad that your boyfriend or girlfriend isn't paying attention to you, that's just being needy.
If you're sad that you can't lick your elbow, that's just being stupid.
Depression is a serious thing and it can be pretty damaging. If you feel bad, you aren't necessarily depressed.
So many pricks across the globe shout about how depressed they are when half of them just can't upload a good pic of themselves on facebook.

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